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Highlights from our newsletters and exhibitions in the Cook Book


Living in such a beautiful part of the world gives us the opportunity to indulge in taking photos of the stunning coastline and local wildlife. This Gallery is a sample of some of our favourite photos. More photos of the area and further afield can be found in our News section.

Walking South from the Cook Book

June 23rd, 2011

What a wonderful place to live and work. These photos are taken from a walk down through Cot Valley to the cliffs. These photos can also be found in the June 2011 newletter.

The sea at PenanwellWalking down to Cot ValleyCliff edge flowersAbove Progo Above Church Rock looking to the BrisonsNanquidno, out of the windAggie, in the wind!

Drama in the Skies

June 2nd, 2011

Living on the edge of the Atlantic means that very often the clouds and the skies can be very dramatic. These photos are taken from the November 2009 newsletter.
Storm clouds & stackTowering CumulonimbusSunset from Carn GlooseSunset from Carn Gloose – Clouds Over the BrisonsSunset from Carn Gloose – CloudbanksSunset from Carn Gloose – Longships Lighthouse

Kenidjack Valley Top to Bottom

April 21st, 2010

These photos of Kenidjack Valley are all taken from the April 2010 newsletter.
Kenidjack Valley Side Kenidjack Valley Chimney Stack Kenidjack Valley Mine Ruins Cape and Cove Kenidjack Cliffs